Movie lessons

It’s rightly said that movies are for entertainment as they keep us relaxed and allows us to spend our precious time with loved ones but there are only some movies which teaches us some important life lessons along with depiction of harsh realities of life and among them only a movie like “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year” can stand out of the crowd. The movie revolves around a character Harpreet Singh Bedi ( Ranbir Kapoor), a young ambitious graduate who wants to make a successful career in sales. The film not only talks about the career choices of independent people but also gives us insights about the sales professionals and their struggles.

In India whenever discussions related to career choices take place, people are mocked and disrespected for their independent opinions which has given rise to White collar Vs Blue Collar Debate. People always aim for white collar jobs but won’t even try to opt for blue collar jobs in the times of uncertainty. Sales which accounts for a huge proportion in marketing is still considered a blue collar job. In India a layman will only be able to associate sales with selling but as depicted in the movie it is more than that. It involves understanding a client’s mind. In fact there are umpteen number which has to be taken in consideration. In the movie also Bedi’s friend says ” jisko kuch nhi aata vahi salesman bante hai” and the lead character gives tight slap on their faces when he achieves success by providing assembled computers at affordable prices. It also teaches us about social and psychological challenges faced by sales professionals who go through a very tough environment. The movie also talks about the importance of having trusted partners who help the firms to grow bigger. But as it is said ” Continuity requires innovation” a business cannot survive for long without being innovative and creative. Bedi offers his clients to provide them service a 24 X7 service which increases their long term growth prospects.

There are number of salesman who work day and night to earn their livelihood. They are not paid well and are disrespected for their position. So the mentality of people should change.


BCG Matrix and P-M grid analysis

In a 21st century world, brands cannot afford to remain complacent as competitors have increased in their respective fields which has given more choice and variety to the consumers. Today, consumers are more aware about the quality of the products which they use. And brands try their level best to market their products to the target audiences through various marketing techniques like advertising, promotion etc. So in this cat-and-mouse game it becomes essential for a business to a categorise its products on the basis of their market share and BCG matrix could help them to solve this problem. Created by Boston Consulting Group, the BCG matrix provides a strategy for analysing products according to growth and relative market share. The BCG model has been used since 1968 to help companies gain insights on what products best help them capitalise on market share growth opportunities and give them a competitive advantage.

Bajaj Group

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Founded by the freedom fighter, philanthropist and close confidante of Mahatma Gandhi, Jamnalal Bajaj. The Bajaj Group is one of the most respected and renowned business houses of India. It started as sugar factory in Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh and has since then become the most trusted brand in India. Over the years it formed Bajaj Auto, Bajaj electricals, Bajaj finserv and many other notable ventures. Bajaj Auto is the one the most leading two wheeler manufacturer in India

Cash Cow

These are those products which accounts for a major proportion in company’s revenue. Generally these products are the top contenders in the market which have a huge share in their respective categories. These products generally don’t require marketing because they have already established their consumer base in the market. But still brands spend a huge amount of money in their marketing to stay in the race. In addition to this, the industry in which cash cows are operating is at the mature stage. Bajaj Auto is the leading brand in the three-wheeler segment in India. It has a market share of up to 64%. Its three- wheeler variants include Maxima Z and Compact Re, which are widely used as autorickshaws in India. In FY 2019 it accounted 18.69% in two- wheeler industry. Platina 100 and CT 100 are some of the top contenders in the market, which have shown some promising results. These vehicles are fuel efficient which compels the people to buy, due to its affordable price.


These are those products which are not giving the expected financial returns but have the potential to become cash cows if marketed properly. In fact, these are the variants which have the ability to capture a market. Usually these are seen as those products which are highly lucrative in their nature. Pulsar 150 and Discover 135 are such variants, which have done well in the market. ET reported that 1.2 crore units of Pulsars were sold in 18 years. In fact, it accounted for 9.8% of the two- wheelers in FY 2018.

Question Mark

These are those products which need some time to mature and find it difficult to capture the market. These are highly risky ventures which need some time to develop. However these products have the possibility to capture the market, if marketed properly. Bajaj Auto has gone through a phase where their two wheeler- variant ‘Blade’ did not do well in the market. It was promoted as an affordable and fuel-efficient scooter but lost in the race of heavyweights like Activa, Access.


These are those products which don’t do well in the market and quickly become unprofitable. Some products fail to move beyond the breakeven phase, while others become a continued source of loss for the business entity. These products usually have a low market share and growth is estimated to very limited, mainly due the slow development in the industry. Bajaj Chetak and Bajaj Splash did not do well in the market despite their strong marketing campaign. The company was not able to sell the estimated numbers and later declared it as failed investment.

Product Market Grid

1 Market penetration –

Under this category the firm uses its products in the existing market. Bajaj launched its 150 cc Pulsar in 2001 and since then it became one of the most preferred bikes in India. Over its roots expanded to Pulsar 135, Pulsar180, Pulsar 200 ns, Pulsar 220. In its 18 year anniversary Baja sold 1.2 crore units of pulsars across the country.

2 Product Development

In a market development strategy a brand develops new product to cater to an existing market. Bajaj launched in its new two-wheeler vehicle Chetak in Nov 2019. It aims combat environmental problems by offering us exciting features. Its price starts at RS 1 lakh.

3 Market Development

In this category the firm enters a new market with its existing products. Baja began its operations in Indonesia after getting clearances from the government. It goes by the name PT. Bajaj Auto Indonesia

4 Diversification

Under this category the firm enters a new market with a new product. This step is considered to be one the riskiest as it involves a huge amount of capital and a bit of luck. Bajaj group in 2007 began its Financial services company popularly known as Bajaj Finserv and became of the most trusted and reputed brand in India. Apart from financial services, Bajaj Finserv is also active in wind–energy generation with an installed capacity of 65.2 MW. Bajaj Finserv was ranked among The Economic Times 500 as  #119 in 2014.

Porter’s competitive analysis

Media Brand

Cost LeadershipIt was the 1st Private English news channel in India. It was founded in 1988 and became a huge hit in the news industry. It partnered with doordarshan in the beginning for covering debate shows. it exploited all the opportunities available in the market. it was started in 1922 and has since become one of the most trusted news source in the world. it wasstarted in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld as a 24-hour cable news channel.[2][3][4] Upon its launch in 1980, CNN was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage,[5] and was the first all-news television channel in the United States.
FocusIt mainly focuses on those news which are of national interest which happens in IndiaIts main focus is to cover U.K where it has a huge subscriber base. Over the years it has expanded its roots in different countriesIts main focus is to cover U.S where it has a huge subscriber base. Over the years it has expanded its roots in different countries
Differentiationit boasts of presenting a credible news with factsSimplified and credible news They call themselves as an unbiased news channel

E – Commerce Brand

Cost LeadershipIn the initial stages it struggled but later became one the biggest E-commerce company in India. It exploited all the opportunity available in the market. It is one of the biggest E- Commerce company in the world. It is a cost effective business.It i not one of the sought after brand in india but still has established its base in metro cities.
Differentiationgood quality service along with exciting offers has a good reach in every tiers of citieshas a good presence in metro cities .
Focusto provide good quality service by making the prices competetiveto provide good quality service by making the prices competetiveto provide good quality service by making the prices competetive

Telecom services brand

Cost Leadershipit mainly survives on govt’s revenueit has biggest subscriber base in the country it has the 2nd biggest subscriber base in the countr
Differentiationsince it is a govt owned company it focuses on providing good internet services in rural areas.its main aim is to provide data at a competitive price along with a good speed. its main aim is to provide data at a competitive price along with a good speed.
Focusit focuses on making its price competitive along with making it reachable among all sections of consumers to cover subscriber base in all tiers of the citiesto cover subscriber base in all tiers of the cities

FMCG Brand

Cost Leadershipthe cost involved in biscuits is very low and parle exploited this opportunity to become one the biggest biscuit brand in India. It has more verities to offer to Indians as compared to its competitors and become one of the trusted brand in India.Its is the biggest FMCG company in the world
DifferentiationIt targets all kinds of consumers,It targets all kinds of consumers,It targets all kinds of consumers,
Focusits main focus is in Rural areas where Its variant Parle-G is sold the mostit targets all middle class peopleit targets all middle class people

Start Up Brand

Cost Leadershipin the beginning it struggled initially but later became one the best food – delivery app in India.The cab start up took some time to match the consumer’s needs but later became one of the trusted taxi service app in India.It is one the biggest hospitality service company iIndia.
Differentiationtargets all consumers targets mostly working class peopletargets mostly the tourists
FocusTo deliver food to consumers at a competitive pricesto provide good quality cab service to consumers with competitive prices good quality service

Competitive Analysis

Media Brand

Company SpecificNDTV BBC NewsCNN
No of Employees54335006517
Fundingsubscription, Advertisementssubscription, Advertisementssubscription, Advertisements
InvestorsTraded in BSE and NSE
AcquisitionsNo acquisitionNo acquisitionAcquired Beme, a multimedia company in 2017
No of CustomersN/AIn 2016/17 it recorded 121 million weekly users
1 Launch of NDTV imagine and NDTV good times increased diversity in channels
2 Good number of Philanthropy and social initiatives

1  Radia tapes controversy which led to damage of brand
2 As of June 2019, Securities and Exchange Board of India barred NDTV chief Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy from accessing the securities market for 2 years after an investigation revealed that they concealed material info from shareholders regarding loan agreements and hence, they cannot hold management positions in NDTV board
1 It is considered to be one of the most credible news channel in the world.
It has been accused of being biased on multiple occasions
1 In comparison to its competitors, it caters to a younger audience.

1 It has been accused of sensationalising news to increase their viewership.
Target Consumer
ProductBroadcast newsBroadcast newsBroadcast news
Primary Buyer/Decision MakerEnglish speaking audienceThe consumers who reside in UK are its primary audiencesThe consumers who reside in U.S are its primary consumers
Secondary BuyerHindi speaking audience (NDTV India)overseas country’s people ( As they have launched online portals in various languages) It also has an international presence
Target ConsumerIt targets mainly metropolitan cities due to huge number english speaking audienceIt targets english speaking audiences who are majorly from UKIt targets mainly enlish squeaking audiences who are majorly from U.S
MessagingExperience truth firstNation shall speak peace unto NationThe most trusted name in the news
Product Specific
FeaturesIt has its channel and a website through which it has expanded its viewership baseIt has a TV channel which has a good viewership base even outside U.K. Over the years it has expanded its base through Its app and website. It boasts of fact based reportingIt has a TV channel which has a good viewership base in U.S and has expanded its base through its app and website. It caters younger audience.
PricingThey don’t charge anything from consumers for their online content but have kept a fixed charge of RS 0.85/Month for their tv channelThey don’t charge from consumers for their online content but have kept a fixed subscription fees. They don’t charge from consumers for their online content but have kept a fixed subscription fees
Free TierUnbilled usageunbilled usageunbilled usage
CustomersN/A and has captured only 3.16% of English news market in IndiaHas a good viewership base in U.K Has a good viewership base in U.S
Product StrengthGives unbiased newsBoasts of giving unbiased news with facts.Boasts of giving unbiased news with facts.
Product WeaknessHas been involved in controversies Has been involved in controversiesHas been involved in controversies
Customer ReviewsSome people call it as a channel which is unbiased but there also some people which accuses it of being biased towards leftBeing one of the oldest news organisation has increased its credibility but still some accuse it of being biased especially towards left.Being one of the oldest news organisation has increased its credibility but still some accuse it of being biased especially towards left.
How to WinBy being UnbiasedBy being UnbiasedBy being Unbiased
Why customer should chose usGood quality reporting without taking sidesfact based reporting without taking sides

E- Commerce Brand

Company SpecificFlipkartAmazonSnapdeal
No of employees3000010000001550
Funding It earns through fixed monthly subscription paid by registered sellers to host their product son the website.
Based on the product it also charges on the value of product sold
It earns through fixed monthly subscription paid by registered sellers to host their product son the website.
Based on the product it also charges on the value of product sold
It earns through fixed monthly subscription paid by registered sellers to host their product son the website.
Based on the product it also charges on the value of product sold
Investorsnot listed in stock exchangelisted in stock exchange listed in stock exchange
AcquisitionsMyntra, PhonepeWhole foods, IMDB,,
No of customers160 million registered usersEach month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit million users
Strength/ Weaknessstrength
It Is India’s largest E-commerce Company with a GMV of 1 billion dollars

Although its logistics arm has kept cost’s low, the reach has been affected which is a weakness for Flipkart.
 As a global e-commerce giant, Amazon has a strong position and successful brand image in the market.
Amazon caters to a large number of customers for everyday needs at inexpensive prices. This has made it a customer-oriented brand.
 Amazon owns very limited physical stores. This sometimes hinders to attract customers buy things which are not sellable on online stores.

Constant innovations and good branding
Wide range of deals and transactions to choose from
Services not available in all cities
Completely based on internet
Target Consumer
ProductOnline retail serviceOnline retail serviceOnline retail service
Primary Buyer/ Decision MakerIt mainly targets Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities where penetration of internet if very high.Targets all types of consumersmainly targets tier 1 and tier 2 cities
Secondary buyerTier 2 and other citiesTier 2 and other citiesTier 2 and other cities
Target consumerall forms of consumersall forms of consumersall forms of consumers
MessagingAb har wish hogi pooriWork hard. Have fun. Make historyUnbox Zinadgi
Product Specific
Product Featuresgood sales service with a good customer care servicemore varieties of products can be found along with exciting offersgood quality service
Pricingaffordable prices along with good qualityaffordable prices along with good qualityaffordable prices along with good quality
Free Tier
Customers160 million registered usersEach month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit million users
Product Strengthhas a wide reach among different parts of countryhas a wide reach among different parts of country mainly present in metropolitan cities
Product WeaknessMany competitors are present . In July 2020, Amazon along with other tech giants Apple, google were accused of maintaining harmful power and anti-competitive strategies to quash potential competitors in the marketdoesn’t have a good consumer base
Customer reviewsAffordableAffordable along with exciting offersAffordable along with exciting offers
How to winBy increasing its customer base By being more transparentneed to heavily invest in expanding its base
Why customer should chose usquality products along with warranty quality products along with its rural reachGood service

Telecom services brand

Company SpecificJioAirtelBsnl
No of Employees200001940570000
Fundingit earns through its subscribers it earns through its subscribersit earns through its subscribers
Investorstraded in stock markettraded in stock marketnot listed in stock market
AcquisitionsSaavn, Network 18 Tata DocomoMTNL
No of customers39.2 crore users317.80 million11.9 crore users
Strength/ WeaknessStrength
Has a good customer base along with competitive prices.
Top subscriber base in the Indian telecom market

Needs to have a good customer base in rural areas.
Good quality service
Prices are bit expensive and needs to work to increase their rural customer base
Has a good customer base in rural areas along with competitive prices

Internet speed is slow
Target Customer/ Message
ProductTelecommunications serviceTelecommunications serviceTelecommunications service
Primary Buyer/ Decision MakerIt targets all types of consumers in city areasIt targets all types of consumers in city areasPeople living in rural areas
Secondary BuyerPeople living in rural areas People living in rural areasmetropolitan residents
Target CustomerIt targets all types of consumers in city areasIt targets all types of consumers in city areasPeople living in rural areas
MessagingJio-Jee-Bhar-keSab Kuch Try Karo, Fir Sahi ChunoConnecting India
Product Speecific
Product Features easily accessible in cities with a good speedeasily accessible in cities with a good speed
Pricingaffordable prices with a good speed affordable prices with a good speedcompetitive prices
Free tierbilled, pre- paidbilled, pre-paidbilled, pre-paid
Customers39.2 crore users317.80 million11.9 crore users
Product Strengthaffordable prices along with good speed internetaffordable prices along with good speed internetaffordable prices along with good speed internet
Product Weaknesscustomer services are not goodexpensivelacks in quality
Customer reviewsgood company along with exciting offersgood company along with exciting offers. but expensive services are not good along with connectivity problems
How to winincrease rural customer base increase rural customer baseimprovement required in quality
Why customer should chose usfast along with competitive prices fast along with competitive pricesaffordable

FMCG Brand

Company SpecificNestle Parle ProductsBritannia Industries
No of employees308,000505004400
Fundingsale of productssale of productssale of products
Investorstraded in stock marketnot traded in stock markettraded in stock market
AcquisitionsGaroto, Blue Bottle Coffee Companyno acquisition Fonterra
No of customers
Strength/ weaknessstrength
offers a variety of products at competitive prices
Criticism over high water usage, selling contaminated food, anti-unionism, forced child labor and using other unethical practices
Offers good quality products at a cheap price
Being an FMCG company it does not have a good hold over other products except biscuits
good quality products
Target Customer/ Message
productBiscuits, Noodles, soft drinks etcBiscuits, Noodles, soft drinks etcBiscuits, , soft drinks etc
Primary buyer caters consumers especially of middle-class caters every type of consumers especially poor peoplecaters every type of consumers
Secondary Buyer
Target customerPeople of middle income grouppeople belonging to poor category People of middle income group
MessagingGood Food, Good Life World’s Largest Selling BiscuitExciting goodness
Product Specific
product features good quality products good quality productsgood quality products
pricingslightly overpriced affordableaffordable
free tier billed, unbilled billed, unbilledbilled, unbilled
customers global presence in 187 countries
product strength good quality productsgood quality productsgood quality products
product weakness overpriced affordable affordable
customer reviews
How to win by reducing prices by bringing more variety increasing rural consumer base
Why customers should chose us premium qualitypremium qualitypremium quality

Indian Startup Brand

Company SpecificOYOOlaZomato
No of employees700045007867
Founded 201320102008
Investorsnot traded in stock marketnot traded in stock marketnot traded in stock market
AcquisitionsQlik PassEtergoUrbanspoon
No of customers5 million subscriber base 150 million users delivers 1.3 million order per day
Strengthhas a strong presence in every cityhas a strong presence in every cityhas a strong presence in metro cities
Target customer
Product hospitality services cab services food delivery
Primary Buyer people who go for travellingpeople who travel for work or any purpose people who don’t have time to cook food
Secondary Buyer N/AN/Apeople who buy occasionally
Target Customer middle class people every kind of consumer middle class people
MessagingOne For Everyonechalo nikloNever have a bad meal
Product Specific
Product features good quality services good quality servicesgood quality services
Pricingaffordable slightly expensiveaffordable
Free Tier billed billedbilled
Customer a huge customer base a huge customer basea huge customer base
Product strength exciting features with good packages affordableaffordable
Product Weaknessincrease its rural baseincrease its rural base need to slightly lower its prices
Customer reviewsquality oriented servicequality oriented servicequality oriented service
How to win increase its rural baseincrease its rural baseneed to slightly lower its prices
Why customers should chose us trusted brand good quality service good quality service

What made Facebook a successful brand

We all are living in an era where everyone is well informed. In fact, we have reached such a stage where information has become unlimited. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable or competent you become, if you are not in touch with the latest trends then you will be offloaded. Today many people, especially the young generation don’t have time to seek information from newspapers or TV, because workload has increased. And in order to bridge the gap between the busy schedule and the people, internet has played a very significant role. Nowadays everything is available at your fingertips, you don’t have to be physically everywhere, all you just need is a smartphone with a good internet connection. If you dig deeper into the above mentioned things, the one common thing which links everyone is communication. In fact, the role of communication has drastically changed and advanced over the years. And to bring this drastic change into effect Facebook has played a very important role to bring everyone together.

Facebook was founded in 2004 when Zuckerberg was studying in Havard University. It was then called ‘ the’ and it became a huge hit among students. Thousands of students at that time joined Facebook, which was a breakthrough in Zuckerberg’s journey. And since then it has established itself as one of the most successful social media company in the world. Facebook not only enables us to connect with people, it also provides platform to share our ideas, opinions and belief. Apart from this it also enables us seek information regarding the latest happenings around the world. Almost all the media publishing houses have an official account on Facebook through which they can also earn. Today, memes and jokes have increasingly become popular and it has the ability to capture emotion of almost everything and to facilitate this Facebook has played a very significant role. Over the years Facebook has introduced many exciting features like Facebook live, stories etc which has increased it’s brand value. As of 2018, Facebook had a net worth of 140 billion U.S dollars and in the second quarter of 2020 it had 2.7 billion monthly active users and the numbers are set to increase every year. In 2014 it purchased WhatsApp for 19 billion U.S dollars, which further expanded its control. In a nutshell we can say that Facebook controls everyone and over the years it has established its trust among people

To make any business successful, entrepreneurs have to be creative and innovative and Facebook has exactly done this thing to remain successful.

Apple Assignment

The world has reached such a stage where expectations are skyrocketing in a very terrible manner. In fact, we have become so impatient just to get things in a jiffy. The wants and demands of people have become so advanced that even the latest technology is becoming obsolete in a matter of days. By looking at recent developments which are taking place, nobody can deny the level of creativity it involves to achieve it. In fact, the word ‘creative’ won’t be enough to describe the situation, we will have to depend on certain adjectives to picturise the event. Creativity has no definition in particular, it’s just a quality which everyone has to instill to stay in the race. In today’s business environment also businesses have to be adept in technology to connect with people. There are many big fishes like Facebook, Google and Amazon who are known for being visionaries but among them only a stalwart like Apple can make a cut for being creative and majestic.

Whenever Apple Inc launches its product in the market, nobody looks at company’s history because it has already established its goodwill in the market. In fact, it has become a social status nowadays and to make this dream a reality Apple has gone through many ups and downs in many phases. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, their first product was Apple1, which was hand- built computer designed by Wozniak. And from there on Apple has ventured into a very successful journey in technology. The Macintosh project was a breakthrough in the evolution of computers which gave fierce competition to the rivals. In 2001, Apple launched i Pod which was a big hit in the market. In 2007, Apple recorded a revenue of 7.1 billion U.S dollars, of which i pod contributed 48 % in sales. Apple Inc most historic day came on January 9, 2007 when Jobs introduced its most iconic iphone. It was touted as the world’s first touch-screen phone with exciting features. Since then Apple has made mark of its own over the years. Its products have earned a status of luxury among people. Due to its elegant look and exciting features, almost everyone once had a dream to own an Apple product.

Whatever Apple Inc has achieved over the years, its because of creativity and sheer hard work put by Steve jobs and the company. They knew what people wanted and never compromised with the quality

The Morning Sip

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari or from Gujrat to Arunachal Pradesh, India, a land with a population of more than a billion has a very diverse culture and heritage where everything differs from region to region. Right from climate to clothes to cuisines, the list is humongous. Even a life would be insufficient to describe our country. But, irrespective of the differences that we have, the one particular thing which connects everyone of us is chai (tea). Believe it or not Indians cannot imagine to have a day without tea. “Bhaiya Ek Chai” is a typical north-Indian way of asking for a cup tea at a tea stall. Likewise, whenever a guest visits someone’s home, he will never be allowed to leave without having a cup of tea. The conversations, the laughs, the memories, almost everything can be associated with a tea. Chai is not only a beverage it’s an emotion. And to keep this emotion intact the chaiwallas ( tea sellers) have never left any stoned unturned. Across India there are many chaiwallas who operate from shed or a thela (cart), these are mainly found in roadside streets who form part of an informal sector. According to 2018-19 Economic Survey, almost 93 % of the total workforce in India is informal. There are nearly 10 million street vendors in India, out of which tea sellers form a substantial proportion. The year 2020 has not been kind to us as our economy has hit rock-bottom ( due to covid-19), which was already going through a slowdown. The informal sector was the hardest hit as many people were forced to remain jobless and among them tea sellers also had to bear the brunt.

Faizan Quereshi, who owns a tea stall in kolar said ” The business is picking up, but still people are scared to come”. When asked about the losses, he replied ” losses were huge, I was forced to shut the stall, leaving me with no income”. Quereshi even took a loan and started selling vegetables, to make ends meet. Another tea seller Ashok Sahu, who owns Sahu Tea Stall said, ” We didn’t face losses during these times because we used to operate from an interior region during lockdown where everyone used to come except the police”. The people who come to these stalls are usually daily-wage labourers. Vikas Meena, who owns Mahakal Tea Stall says” Govt has to provide direct financial aid instead of loans to the poor people like us”. ” I had to survive on loans after everything came to a standstill,” said Meena, when asked about lockdown measures. The Central government in its Aatma Nirbhar Package promised to provide loans up to RS 10000 to 50 lakh street vendors, but here situation seems grim because many vendors are not registered under municipality. Many of them don’t even have a bank account. Abhishek Maran, who owns Mama Tea Stall said ” What will happen with 10000 RS, it won’t even last 10 days”. Likewise, there are millions of street vendors in India, who are facing some or the other problems. Many don’t even want to take loans fearing debt. Many people depend on moneylenders (who are easily accessible) instead of banks as there isn’t any form of paperwork or collateral required in it. Though informal sector employs more than 90% of our total workforce, its activities are not included in the calculation of GDP. The government doesn’t have any statistical data related to working of informal sector due to which implementation of schemes are becoming a hassle.

India’s GDP contracted to 24 % in the first quarter of 2020-21, which has posed a serious threat to our economy amid coronavirus pandemic. Strict measures have to be taken by the government to bring stability to the economy.

Assignment 8

There was a time when people used to read fairy tales. They used to fantasise about the fantasies involved in it. Aladdin, a popular fairy tale got popular because of the genie who granted him three wishes. There were even times when we got lost in the thoughts of three wishes, we used to ask ourselves, “What would I do, if was granted three wishes?”. Cut to 2020, the world still remembers the story of Aladdin, but sadly no one tries to associate with it because we all are living in a fantasy where science and technology have transformed us in every aspect of our lives. Now, in this modern world technology has replaced a genie which is capable of fulfilling any given demands which we can’t even think of.

So here are 10 brands which have changed us the way the way we think

1 Amazon, Inc. is an American multinational E- commerce giant which is among the largest E-commerce companies in the world. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. In 2019 it earned a whopping 11.59 billion U.S dollars.

2 Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company. It was founded in 1976 by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Over the years it has established itself one of the toughest competitors in the smartphone market. In 2018 it a earned a revenue of 265.6 billion U.S dollars, which is its highest till date.

3 Google

Google Inc. is an American multinational technology company which specialises in internet- related services and products, which include online advertising, search engine etc. In 2019 it earned a revenue of 160.74 billion U.S dollars.

4 Facebook

Facebook is an American social media company. It has a total of 2.50 billion active monthly users. In 2019 it earned 7,069.7 crores USD.

5 Instagram

It is an American photo and video sharing social media service owned by facebook. In 2018 it earned a revenue of 6.84 billion U.S dollars.

6 Uber

It is a technology company which offers vehicles for hire, food delivery, couriers and freight transportation. It was founded in 2009 and has over the years established itself as a top competitor. It earned a revenue of 1,414.7 crore U.S dollars.

7 You Tube

It is an American online video sharing platform. It was founded in 2005 by Jawed karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Over the years it has grown to be one of the top visited websites in the world. Up to 1 billion hours of content is watched on You Tube. In 2019 it earned a revenue of 1,514.9 crores U.S dollars.

8 Netflix

Netflix, Inc. is an American technology and media services provider and production company and has over the years established itself as one of the top OTT platforms in the world. In 2019 it earned 2,015.6 crores U.S dollars.

9 WhatsApp

It is messaging app that lets users to chat, text and share the contents in the group. Globally it has 2 billion users and it processes over 340 million minutes on video calls per day. It is a subsidiary of Facebook.

10 Gmail

It is a free email service developed by google in 2004.

Q1) Why such brands evoke extreme reactions – love or hate ?

Whether we love or hate these brands, the world is moving ahead due to usage these applications and people have realised that if they aren’t in touch with the current changes then we will be left out from the group.

There was a time when people used to believe that Earth is flat, but scientists through their research proved them wrong by stating Earth is round. Similarly there was a time when when people used to gain and access information only through newspapers and Magazines, but nowadays the users have shifted to internet, which is just a click away; thanks to google. Likewise, there are many functions which were required to be carried out physically but these brands with their exciting features have made our task much more simpler without any hassle. To carry out these functions, all we need is a smartphone, which has become affordable nowadays. In fact, people have become so glued and addicted to these brands, that they are finding it difficult to come out of this virtual reality. And due to this extreme behaviour they are blindly in love with these applications.

Q2) Why do they command high brand value?

In order to create something of value entrepreneurs have to visionary, which helps them to increase their brand value in the upcoming future. Even if a company is doing well in the present, their decisions related to future are very crucial for enhancing their brand value. Every startup has seen its ups and downs and we all know that success doesn’t come overnight. In fact, their first objective is to survive in the market. After surviving a business aims to create a name in the market through various marketing techniques. Multinational giants like Amazon and Google did not have a smooth beginning. They struggled initially but due to their visionary skills they are now at the the top. Today Google is the most widely used search engine in the world with a net worth of 632 billion U.S dollars. That’s why brands have to visionary in order to increase the brand value.

Q3) What is common among them ?

Thanks to Rob E Kahn and Vincent Cerf who developed the early forms of internet otherwise we wouldn’t have enjoyed the features provided by these applications.

My First 30 Days

No one knew that we all would be going virtual one day except coronavirus. Who thought that we all will be attending lectures and classes through our small screen laptops. 2020 is a year where we all planned and dreamt of doing many things but all things got crushed under the blanket of Covid-19, but the positive thing is that we all are still hopeful to get things back to normal, which in itself is a motivation. I know that the times are not good but we can at least thank technology to keep our life moving. Nowadays, E-hi and E- bye have become the new normal among us. In fact, everything has been added with an ‘E’. My days at COMMITS are no different from the harsh reality as I have got adjusted to the new working conditions.

As our academic session began on 24 August, I found it little difficult to attend sessions online as nobody has done this before but by and by I prepared myself and got accustomed to it. Everyday’s schedule included a lecture and an orientation where I got to know about a lot of things. During orientations I got to meet many people of diverse fields through which I came to know about many things which I didn’t know before. I especially enjoyed Pooja ma’am ‘s and Sujith sir’s session which laid focus on the reality of the fields they work for. I even enjoy Sai sir’s lecture which is interactive in nature as it gives all of us an opportunity to present our views on various topics.

I am looking forward to explore every opportunity that comes on my way and I am sure that COMMITS will help me to achieve my dreams.

Assignment 4

Human beings are creations who are touted as the most intelligent creature in this planet. They are known for their feelings like love,hate,anger etc. In fact, they are the ones who are the most unpredictable and adapt to the changes whenever the situation demands. Likewise, in a business environment also there are many consumers who exhibit many forms of behaviour , which has to be understood by marketers.

So, as a part of this assignment, I have categorised consumers in the category of ” Non- buying customer behaviour” , which has 6 divisions. Through this I am going to share my experiences as a consumer

1. The Complainer-

Consumers get dissatisfied whenever they don’t get things of their needs. When I was in fourth standard, I used to write with Apsara pencil which was of a good quality. My friends used to write with Natraj pencils. They always used to complain about its quality and inability to write properly. These complaints made a very bad impression in my mind towards the brand and from that moment I started complaining about Nataraj Pencils without even using it. I didn’t even think of trying it once.

2. Overly Agreeable –

We as consumers depend upon the reviews of other consumers to buy a product. And when positive reviews are received from masses, we somewhat become biased and overly agreeable without even using it. For e.g During chilling winters, cold and cough is a common phenomenon. My sister eats chyawanprash during winter to boost her immunity and it works well. This somewhat made an impact on my mind and made me overly agreeable. I even suggest people to have chyawanprash to boost their immunity even though I have never tasted it.

3. The Expert

Being knowledgeable and expert in your area is a good thing. In fact consumers should be aware about the products which they are buying. Whenever people ask me about the fashion brands, I always suggest them to go for Woodland. In recent years I have bought shoes and jackets of Woodland, and they both look classy and stylish. I don’t think anyone can match their quality.

4. The Pessimist

Some brands are promoted in a very dramatic manner which is not required at all. For e.g In Thumbs Up ad, where it said ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartey Hain’, it showed the actors performing dangerous stunts which in my view is not required at all, that too for a soft drinks brand.

5. The Staller

There are many people who just stall from one store to another in malls. In my case I will never think of buying Apple products But I definitely visit Apple showrooms to at least feel it.