Apple Assignment

The world has reached such a stage where expectations are skyrocketing in a very terrible manner. In fact, we have become so impatient just to get things in a jiffy. The wants and demands of people have become so advanced that even the latest technology is becoming obsolete in a matter of days. By looking at recent developments which are taking place, nobody can deny the level of creativity it involves to achieve it. In fact, the word ‘creative’ won’t be enough to describe the situation, we will have to depend on certain adjectives to picturise the event. Creativity has no definition in particular, it’s just a quality which everyone has to instill to stay in the race. In today’s business environment also businesses have to be adept in technology to connect with people. There are many big fishes like Facebook, Google and Amazon who are known for being visionaries but among them only a stalwart like Apple can make a cut for being creative and majestic.

Whenever Apple Inc launches its product in the market, nobody looks at company’s history because it has already established its goodwill in the market. In fact, it has become a social status nowadays and to make this dream a reality Apple has gone through many ups and downs in many phases. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, their first product was Apple1, which was hand- built computer designed by Wozniak. And from there on Apple has ventured into a very successful journey in technology. The Macintosh project was a breakthrough in the evolution of computers which gave fierce competition to the rivals. In 2001, Apple launched i Pod which was a big hit in the market. In 2007, Apple recorded a revenue of 7.1 billion U.S dollars, of which i pod contributed 48 % in sales. Apple Inc most historic day came on January 9, 2007 when Jobs introduced its most iconic iphone. It was touted as the world’s first touch-screen phone with exciting features. Since then Apple has made mark of its own over the years. Its products have earned a status of luxury among people. Due to its elegant look and exciting features, almost everyone once had a dream to own an Apple product.

Whatever Apple Inc has achieved over the years, its because of creativity and sheer hard work put by Steve jobs and the company. They knew what people wanted and never compromised with the quality


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