Movie lessons

It’s rightly said that movies are for entertainment as they keep us relaxed and allows us to spend our precious time with loved ones but there are only some movies which teaches us some important life lessons along with depiction of harsh realities of life and among them only a movie like “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year” can stand out of the crowd. The movie revolves around a character Harpreet Singh Bedi ( Ranbir Kapoor), a young ambitious graduate who wants to make a successful career in sales. The film not only talks about the career choices of independent people but also gives us insights about the sales professionals and their struggles.

In India whenever discussions related to career choices take place, people are mocked and disrespected for their independent opinions which has given rise to White collar Vs Blue Collar Debate. People always aim for white collar jobs but won’t even try to opt for blue collar jobs in the times of uncertainty. Sales which accounts for a huge proportion in marketing is still considered a blue collar job. In India a layman will only be able to associate sales with selling but as depicted in the movie it is more than that. It involves understanding a client’s mind. In fact there are umpteen number which has to be taken in consideration. In the movie also Bedi’s friend says ” jisko kuch nhi aata vahi salesman bante hai” and the lead character gives tight slap on their faces when he achieves success by providing assembled computers at affordable prices. It also teaches us about social and psychological challenges faced by sales professionals who go through a very tough environment. The movie also talks about the importance of having trusted partners who help the firms to grow bigger. But as it is said ” Continuity requires innovation” a business cannot survive for long without being innovative and creative. Bedi offers his clients to provide them service a 24 X7 service which increases their long term growth prospects.

There are number of salesman who work day and night to earn their livelihood. They are not paid well and are disrespected for their position. So the mentality of people should change.


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