My First 30 Days

No one knew that we all would be going virtual one day except coronavirus. Who thought that we all will be attending lectures and classes through our small screen laptops. 2020 is a year where we all planned and dreamt of doing many things but all things got crushed under the blanket of Covid-19, but the positive thing is that we all are still hopeful to get things back to normal, which in itself is a motivation. I know that the times are not good but we can at least thank technology to keep our life moving. Nowadays, E-hi and E- bye have become the new normal among us. In fact, everything has been added with an ‘E’. My days at COMMITS are no different from the harsh reality as I have got adjusted to the new working conditions.

As our academic session began on 24 August, I found it little difficult to attend sessions online as nobody has done this before but by and by I prepared myself and got accustomed to it. Everyday’s schedule included a lecture and an orientation where I got to know about a lot of things. During orientations I got to meet many people of diverse fields through which I came to know about many things which I didn’t know before. I especially enjoyed Pooja ma’am ‘s and Sujith sir’s session which laid focus on the reality of the fields they work for. I even enjoy Sai sir’s lecture which is interactive in nature as it gives all of us an opportunity to present our views on various topics.

I am looking forward to explore every opportunity that comes on my way and I am sure that COMMITS will help me to achieve my dreams.


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