Assignment 4

Human beings are creations who are touted as the most intelligent creature in this planet. They are known for their feelings like love,hate,anger etc. In fact, they are the ones who are the most unpredictable and adapt to the changes whenever the situation demands. Likewise, in a business environment also there are many consumers who exhibit many forms of behaviour , which has to be understood by marketers.

So, as a part of this assignment, I have categorised consumers in the category of ” Non- buying customer behaviour” , which has 6 divisions. Through this I am going to share my experiences as a consumer

1. The Complainer-

Consumers get dissatisfied whenever they don’t get things of their needs. When I was in fourth standard, I used to write with Apsara pencil which was of a good quality. My friends used to write with Natraj pencils. They always used to complain about its quality and inability to write properly. These complaints made a very bad impression in my mind towards the brand and from that moment I started complaining about Nataraj Pencils without even using it. I didn’t even think of trying it once.

2. Overly Agreeable –

We as consumers depend upon the reviews of other consumers to buy a product. And when positive reviews are received from masses, we somewhat become biased and overly agreeable without even using it. For e.g During chilling winters, cold and cough is a common phenomenon. My sister eats chyawanprash during winter to boost her immunity and it works well. This somewhat made an impact on my mind and made me overly agreeable. I even suggest people to have chyawanprash to boost their immunity even though I have never tasted it.

3. The Expert

Being knowledgeable and expert in your area is a good thing. In fact consumers should be aware about the products which they are buying. Whenever people ask me about the fashion brands, I always suggest them to go for Woodland. In recent years I have bought shoes and jackets of Woodland, and they both look classy and stylish. I don’t think anyone can match their quality.

4. The Pessimist

Some brands are promoted in a very dramatic manner which is not required at all. For e.g In Thumbs Up ad, where it said ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartey Hain’, it showed the actors performing dangerous stunts which in my view is not required at all, that too for a soft drinks brand.

5. The Staller

There are many people who just stall from one store to another in malls. In my case I will never think of buying Apple products But I definitely visit Apple showrooms to at least feel it.


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