Conflicts from my perspective

1.Role of Media in reporting international conflicts

2. Role of Media in reporting conflicts in India

  1. Role of Media in reporting international conflicts

According to Indian constitution, Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and if used properly it reflects  the action which the human beings do. But if misused the whole generation have the potential to get brainwashed. What an irony, isn’t ?. I have observed that, things which have immense potential and are of value to society are also the things which have the ability to set us apart, if misused. And Media is one among them. Every year, we come across d press freedom of different countries around the world and when we observe carefully, countries which have a lower ranking are the countries that are infested with problems like terrorism, corruption, insurgency, military occupany and many other things. Some countries which are involved in conflicts rank much more lower in the index. For eg if we check the press ranking index of Palestine, it ranks 137 out of 180 countries. Similarly Russia, which is involved in border conflict with Ukraine has dismal ranking 149. When I saw the documentary about Israel Palestine conflict, I came to know how media fools the public in the the name of TRP. In fact, media has shaped the opinion. In the case of this conflict. I saw politicians, corporates and diplomats, governments misuse and exploit these institutions. Moreover, if these institutions lose their reliability then it seems impossible to come where you were. During Israel’s occupations we say how Israel bought US media to their side. In fact, Palestine who was helpless couldn’t do anything. At that reputed media portals like, New York Times, CNN were literally sold out. In fact, media added more fuel to the fire by making the news pro- isralian. We live in a world where human beings are harming human beings and when it comes to harming religion has been used in a very toxic manner, where people have changed interpretations according to their conveniences. In case of Nigeria and other terror struck countries terror groups like Al queda and Al Shabab have destroyed the religion like anything . They always use the religion of Islam and their texts to their advantage due to which people are getting brainwashed. But needless to say there have been cases where conflicts have been reported in unbiased manner. For eg in the case of BBC, it reported the Israel- Palestine conflict in the the way it should be reported. And because of this reason there are people who have perfect knowledge about al the things and thankfully some fact check news portals which hare there today are doing some tremendous work today.

Ultimately the onus is upon us. Whether to do it in right or the wrong manner. Sadly most people choose the wrong thing but they realise this only when more fuel is added to the fire. Therefore it should be our responsibility to choose the right path.

The Indian Media

According to Indian constitution, Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and if used properly it reflects  the action which the human beings do. But sadly today’s India ranks 142 out of 180 countries in press freedom index moreover the standard is going below par. And nowadays it has become the left Vs The Right . But nobody realizes the need to be unbiased in nature. If we see the role of Indian media in conflict reporting many things have been reported correctly but here are many conflicts which don’t receive proper attention. In the case of Pakistan, the whole media has throughout has fed us things. Some are lies and some are truths. Many media portals have covered the Pakistan issue and have reported the things which we should now . even in case of Kargil war NDTV reported about the Kargil War correctly. I remember Barkha dutt’s reporting from the kargil range. We all know know umpteen things about Pakistan as it is a hot topic. But Indian media has desperately failed to report northeast conflict which is saddening in itself. Due to this reason also north east Indian people feels left out from the whole community. I haven’t heard any media report which talks about insurgency in the region. But hey always talk about Kashmir. In short , I want to conclude by saying that these issues should be resolved quickly as soon as possible.

Therefore everyone should play an active role in making the media credible. otherwise press freedom will keep falling one after the other and I don’t want to see the country’s future going down like that


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