Influence of Culture on Business Policies and Management Principles

Customs and culture around the globe are an integral part of a society and no matter how hard you try, you cannot put everyone on a same pedestal and this is the main reason behind every country’s political, social and economical reforms. There are around 195 UN recognised countries in the world and each country has its own identity and linguistic differences, that defines its people. Culture has also played a significant role in defining a country’s business and management policies while equally laying stress in development and maintaining cross-border relations.

The Germans who are highly regarded for their precision, are best in terms of automobile industry and weapons. In fact, they are the ones who own, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and countless number of luxury brands. When I watched a documentary named ‘Make me a German’, I came to understand how they work. And honestly, I don’t even fit there. With a 357,386 sq km, the the country is the largest economy in the Europe and is best in terms of industrial and scientific and technological sectors. On an average, people work around 40 hours a week, but the thing which surprised is that they deliver more within a stipulated time. Interestingly, their society also tries to keep a balance between work and other personal things by planning out well in advance. Moreover, Germans believe in saving for future purposes, that’s why people don’t run bankrupt unlike other countries which is still grappling with this menace. Henri Fayol’s second principle “Balancing Authority and Responsibility goes very well with them. Apart from Germans, I was shocked to find Israeli city of Tel Aviv, in top 10 startup cities in the world. The documentary ‘Holy Land: Startup Nations’, gives insights about entrepreneurs who doing creative things to tackle the problems faced by common people. Though involved in conflict, but the beauty about them is that, they turn every crisis into opportunity, which keeps them stand out from the crowd. Back in January this year Israeli technology and innovation companies presented solutions in the fields of tourism, MedTech and distance learning to European government officials and investors which itself defines the capability of such a small nation. In fact, when you study the history of Jews, they have been very associated in the field of finance, which keeps them apart from other people. Fayol’s Unity of Direction Completely fits the identity of their culture. Whenever, anyone wants to know the true meaning of entrepreneurship automatically America or US strikes in everyone had. In fact, San Francisco and New York are the major hubs of startups in the world. With world’s largest economy in the world, the country has a very open economy which is capitalistic in nature. In fact, people belonging to various cultures live in this country. Google, Microsoft and Apple are some of the example which sheds light on the success it is enjoying. Moreover, the people living there like to do things independently.

So, in a way every culture teaches us something, that’s we as people should take away good things from every culture and implementing it in our life.


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