Africa: The problems and the solutions

Ghanaian politician and revolutionary Kwane Nkrumah once said “I am not an African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”. These lines are enough to describe what whole world thinks and perceives about Africa. Africa in a nutshell is continent of 54 countries with multi ethnic tribes, but we as human beings have never described any of the African countries as individual countries just like we describe America, England, Saudi Arabia or India. We describe the continent’s people as Africans due to many similarities in their culture and beliefs. In fact, most of the indigenous groups are tribes who black skinned and maybe because of this reason we don’t recognise African countries individually. But if we look and understand the ground reality each tribe is very different in their cultural beliefs. Today Africa is gifted with many natural resources and young population. More the half of the population of Africa is below 25 years of age and because of this reason growth prospects are exponentially very high. The continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves. But even having so many resources the continent is threatened by poverty, hunger and terrorism. Many people even describe it as a Dark Continent. Many don’t even pay attention to these countries. In fact 240 million Africans suffer from chronic undernourishment. Considering these figures having a good future still raises doubts and questions in or mind.

The history about their doubtful future began in 1800s when European powers colonised the resource rich African countries. The British colonized Africa in about 1870. When they heard of all of Africa’s valuable resources such as gold, ivory, salt and more, they did not hesitate on conquering the land. They wanted these resources because they needed them for manufacturing. Another resource in Africa was rubber which was very helpful and used in making many good-selling items like shoes. They ruled the present day Sudan, Kenya, Botswana, Lesotho, Egypt, Northern Somalia, Eastern Ghana, Benin ,Gambia and Niger. Many of the Africans were even traded to other countries for a price– what we today call it as slavery. Apart from Britishers many European powers like France, Germany, Italy, Portugal went and colonised almost all the countries in Africa for different purposes. But amidst all, its the natives of Africa who had to bear the brunt of all. Moreover the poorest country in the world belongs to Africa (Somalia). In addition, when we check the current status of people who are living there, the colonisers have left the people to fend for themselves. In fact, most of the African countries don’t eveb have proper manpower to t o run their country. Reportedly, the literacy rate of the continent is just 70% far behind all the continents. Surprisingly, if we check the latest and the current scenario, China and Africa have been partnering on investments for approximately the last eleven years. In September 2018, delegates from both landmasses met at the seventh Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. The collaboration and cooperation makes Africa one of China’s greatest allies in the current Cooperation. The collaboration and cooperation makes Africa one of China’s greatest allies in the current global market environment The level of China’s investment in the continent of Africa has been increasing at a steady rate. At the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum, China announced it would be providing 60 billion dollars in financial support to Africa. However, if we check the latest facts African countries in capable of paying their debts. Moreover, most of the people in the continent are unemployed and poor so how can a country earn money and due to this reason many countries are falling into debt traap. Many countries like Nigeria, Somalia, Chad are now facing the problem of terrorism. the problem has increased at an exponential level.

So in order to solve these issues somehow an organised and proper governments and of course United Nations must come together and solve the problems. Global superpowers like US, UK, Russia, France and many countries could collaberate and work together to bring an institutional framework in the continent. The united in the past has helped the continent to fight against injustices but still more work needs to be done. In my opinion basic facilities like health and nutrition and sanitation should be given special attention. I hope one day Africa will becomes a superpower one day


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