Analysing my behaviour as a digital consumer

People exhibit different kinds of behaviour when they shop digitally, and this could be due to many reasons. E- Commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart play a major role in curating these consumers by their behavioural traits. There are six different types of online visitors, who buy on a daily basis and among them I consider myself to be ” The Satisfier’

When I go for online shopping, I usually buy those products which look stylish to me . For me brand and quality is secondary and due to this reason many products which I bought quickly went out of shape due to their poor quality but this hasn’t stopped me from being an independent satisfied shopper. There were times when an unbranded stylish products performed better than branded ones. Likewise, things work differently for many people. I still remember the Chinese watch which I bought from Amazon[which didn’t have a warranty]. I used it for 3 years, until its battery got over. Many people even today question my decision regarding these things but I as a consumer never get influenced by them. I think that brand and style cannot go hand in hand in many cases. So these are the reasons why I call myself as ‘ The Satisfier’


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