Product price value perception

Products for which I paid more and was happy with its features

1 Boat Bassheads 122- I bought this earphone for Rs 499, and I am happy with its features. You can clearly hear when someone is talking to you. It also has mike, which enables the user to speak.

2 Woodland shoe – I know it’s a bit expensive but to be honest, no brand can match the quality of shoe it manufactures. You can use it in toughest of the conditions.

3 Fossil watches- Believe it or not, no company can make watches like Fossil. You cannot find this type of quality in any other watch.

Products for which I paid more and got the same benefits

1 Cream Coffee( Indian Coffee House)- They offer two variants of coffee. Plain coffee costs RS 18 And Cream coffee costs RS 30. I once went there and ordered cream coffee as I got bored with Plain coffee. Believe it or not the cream coffee tasted exactly the same as the plain one.

2 Khadims- I got tired of wearing Bata shoes so that’s why I decide to buy shoes of Khadims, which were a bit expensive. There wasn’t any difference between the two as I was only able to use it for 1 year.

3 Reynolds Jetter- I usually write with those ball-point pens which costs RS 10. But, one day Just for a change I purchased Reynolds Jetter for RS 25. Believe it or not there wasn’t any difference in it. It was just like any other ball-point pen.

Products for which I paid more and got less benefits than your previous product

1 McDonald’s Chicken Maharaja burger- I am not a fan of this brand but I have tried their Mc aloo tiki burger, Mc chicken burger which costs around 80 to 100 Rs but one day I decided to buy Chicken Maharaja burger for a change, it costed around 200 or 220. It turned out really bad and was overpriced.

2 Old Spice- I usually wear Park avenue Deodorant as its fragrance stays for long. But, one day I decided to buy Old Spice for a change which was costlier than Park Avenue. But the results were shocking, Old Spice’s fragrance did not even last for 30 minutes.

3 Redmi Note 3- In 2016 My bought Redmi Note 3 and surprisingly It did not turn out to be good. She used Galaxy S3 which got outdated. Redmi Note 3 had many issues like It used to overheated whenever a charger was plugged in.


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