Pros and cons of E- commerce


1 Affordable- The products which are available on E- commerce platforms are usually cheap and affordable. Is is usually lesser than the price which is available in the market.

2 Variety- The products available on E- commerce platforms have a huge variety with different range of prices, which compels a buyer to purchase whenever he needs. It targets different sets of consumers according to their needs.

3 Time saver- Gone are the days when we all used to spent hours in the market but, with the advent of E-commerce platforms purchasing of goods and services have become easy and convenient which ultimately saves our time. Today, you just have to go to their official websites or app, to book your products, which happens in a matter of seconds.

4 Multiple payment options – E- commerce platforms are blessed with multiple payment options like cash on delivery, direct bank transfer etc.

5 24 X 7- Unlike open market, E-commerce platforms are open 24 X7, which allows a user to purchase anytime.


1 Transparency- Though E- commerce have made our life easy but it is not completely transparent. Consumers are not given full details regarding the seller of products.

2 Not the exact product- One day my Mom ordered a beautiful looking saree from Flipkart. But, when it reached us it wasn’t the same Saree anymore. It’s quality was poor. But when we saw through the website it looked fine.

3 Shipping charges- Many products which I have order online take commissions and shipping charges which is undesirable.

4 lack of bargaining power- Unlike open market a consumer cannot bargain for the products which he is going to purchase. This can create problems for the consumers.

5 Lack of privacy- Millions of people use E-commerce platforms through which they can misuse people’s data. Though companies deny this thing but still they can access consumer’s private data.


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